Dear Sir, I am one person who is not happy with the current situation in Calvia with regards to parking and there may well be others. I work in the area and in the course of my duties have to visit hotels in several resort areas. When the pay parking was in force, I could always find a parking space and happily paid for the duration which I needed. Now the meters have been removed and pay parking in the municipality has been abolished – I have continual problems finding a parking space in order to be able to do my job. Sometimes I am driving around for 15 minutes to find a spot and this is often some distance from where I am to visit. It would seem to me that now there are people who park their cars 24/7 and do not move them all day and sometimes at night. The worst places are at Illetas and Paguera – but it is also a problem in Santa Ponsa in the shopping area. When the pay parking was in force, these people managed to find somewhere to put their cars long term, now they no longer have to pay, they are using spaces which are needed for people working or shopping, going to the Banks, clinic, post office etc,etc. making life once again impossible in the region. In my opinion, it was a bad move to take the system away, the previous government had spent money to install the system and this should have been kept in force and perhaps adjusted to suit local needs/seasonal changes. Now at a cost it has all been taken away and we are back to the situation of not being able to park anywhere again. Is there anyone else who agrees with me? Whilst on the subject of driving. I as yet fail to understand the overhead notices on the VIA CINTURA: I have asked many friends, colleagues, taxi drivers, coach drivers but no one seems to comprehend the system. As you drive along, place names are lit up with a number on the right hand side – what does this signify? Is it the exit number? Number of kilometres to the exit/place? Number of minutes to the exit or place? Cannot be any of those as at times the number changes whilst you watch it so it just does not make sense. I regularly read the local press in Spanish and in Mallorquin but have not seen any explanation but perhaps I missed it! The electronic overhead signs have been installed now for several months – is there anyone out there who understands them?
Yours sincerely


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