By Jason Moore
FULL marks to the Calvia council who pulled off a major publicity coup and also for showing that sometimes the best promotion is cost free. The local government has invested in excess of four million euros in contracting the services of Michael Douglas to promote the Balearics. So far, there has been little interest in the story outside the islands. But a proposal by the Calvia council to name a street after World Cup hero Jonny Wilkinson made banner headlines in Britain. Great promotion for the island. The fact that Jonny Wilkinson spent part of last summer in Palma Nova has been given an even greater positive slant. Now whether or not Jonny Wilkinson has a street named after him in Majorca depends very much on the player who still has not been contacted by the council. Even if the move proves unsuccessful Majorca and Calvia have staged a small coup. There is a saying that any publicity is good publicity and this is what the Calvia council did over the New Year. Even the timing was perfect. Wilkinson had been rewarded in the New Year honours and then there was the additional story of a street in Majorca. What this whole exercise has proved is that with a little imagination and forward planning it is amazing what can be achieved. Over recent years I believe that “imagination” has been missing when it comes to tourism promotion. Hopefully the Wilkinson affair will have shown the local authorities what can be achieved as long as you are slightly switched on. I am sure that the Michael Douglas deal in the future will pay great dividends but until then the Hollywood star has been rather outstaged by a certain Mr. Wilkinson. Well done Calvia. Lets hope it continues.


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