RE: Jason Moore's

l Dear Sir,

Your strong editorial about Kilroy Silk (Jan 15) does not at first glance seem very fair. After all, all he wrote were comments relating to Islamic Law which is sometimes seen to be nasty. Such views have been long held, by many who enjoy Christian law, to be contrary to the United Nations Charter on Human rights. I think I am right in saying that Arab nations subscribe to the United Nations Charter. Later on, in the newspaper you report on an Imam who has been sentenced by a Spanish Court for publishing a book which gives gives instructions on how to beat your wife. Also in the same edition, you report on the protest of an Islamic Court, because a woman was allowed to sing on television. Is it not the case that a woman in Nigeria is still in peril of being stoned to death for adultery. I pay UK income tax. When I have a chance of seeing Kilroy Silk's morning programme, I have found this forum for different views lively and most interesting. What are the grounds for its suspension? It is no better than saying the Iraq war participation should be stopped because there were no weapons of mass destruction. After all, we taxpayers are paying for the war, as well as the BBC. If Kilroy Silk thinks beating your wife, or cutting off a hand for robbery is vile, of course he can express that opinion, so I agree with you that the programme should not have been stopped. Personally, I have no objection to our Law and customs being criticised, it often makes us aware of wrongs that need to be righted.
Yours Sincerely
George Giri
Mancor del Valle


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