Dear Sir,

May I know what message your Mr. Jason Moore is trying to give your readers, particularly those abroad; when in Viewpoint of your January 20 issue he says “There isn't too much in Palma to be proud of at the moment......” Are not a history, which goes back more than 2000 years and our traditions, which we have been able to preserve over the centuries something to be proud of? Our cathedral, one of the finest gothic cathedrals in Europe? Our convents, monasteries and public buildings? Our ability to conserve the atmosphere of our past while keeping up with the present and trying to plan for the future? Our opera house and auditorium with its many programmes? Our “paseos”, parks and avenues? Our health care and hospitals which are recognized abroad?

Yes, Palma is not perfect, we will keep trying to improve it continually, but to say that there isn't too much to be proud of at the moment in Palma is most unfair to our city. I trust that your local readers know enough of our city and realize we have much to be proud of and that your readers abroad will realize it when they come to visit us.

Very truly yours,

Pedro Picornell Marti


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