Dear Sirs,

I am happy that you have finally picked up on the story about the seventh legal action against Calvia's socialist ex mayoress, Margarita Najera. But, having read the full accounts in the Spanish language local papers (including your stablemate, Ultimate Hora) in the last few day's editions, I feel that your obviously left–wing politics has prompted you (unlike any other report) to make this out as a personal feud between Najera and the present mayor, Carlos Delgado (Headline–Calvia Mayors Clash Over Cash). True, Delgado has sent the case and evidence to the anticorruption courts in Palma; that is his duty as a citizen and an elected member of the Calvia council. Remember, he is heading the new regime that has inherited the massive debt left by Najera's reign and in looking carefully at the accounts his team has found several alleged cases of personal embezzlement by Najera to the tune of some 120'000 Euros! The other papers have published a full list of 'items' bought by Najera (allegedly out of Calvia council funds) that can only be described as personal. She, and the current Calvia socialists claim that they are 'justifiable gifts'. (They would wouldn't they?) Neither have denied the purchases as receipts are part of the evidence. I find it impossible to believe any justification when you consider that amongst these purchases are designer clothes. (3 Cerruti, 3 Ermenengildo Zegna, 5 Faconnable and 1 Polo Ralph Lauren) If you want to run headlines which imply personal feuds against Najera I trust you will include the names of each and every one of us Calvia tax payers– put mine on the top. I personally object to my money being spent on outfits such as by Cerruti– they make my bum look too big! John Rule
Sol de Mallorca


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