Dear Sir,

Recently, there seams to be a spate of letters from Americans (and others) complaining about an “anti American” theme. Nothing could be further from the truth I feel. Americans are generally liked throughout the world, the problem is that in general, world opinion is against President Bush and Co. The two should not be confused.

Also, deserving clarification are the misconceptions mentioned: l 1. Spain needs no lessons from The USA on terrorism, they have experienced decades of this with E.T.A., much in the same way the U.K. has had with the I.R.A. l 2. The ruling party in Spain was overturned, not due to “cowardice” in the face of the Madrid train bombings, but because it disinformed the public, a public incidentally where 85-90% of the population were against the Iraq war. l 3. Spain was and is not the only country where the majority of the population were against the unilateral action of Bush - Britain, Italy, Japan, etc and further political repercussions will be felt. However, a politician losing his job, is nothing to compare with the 1.000 coalition troops and tens of thousands of Iraqis who have lost their lives. l 4. The butcher's bill is not yet finalised; the total ignorance of the after effects of the U.S. bombing/invasion is yet to be fully realised. Hopefully just the mess left behind like in Afghanistan, not a full fledged civil war. At best, with “free elections” Iran style, hard line mullahs, will take ours.

So, Americans should not feel “unloved” they just have to remember why they are where they are, in a “war” through a man (and his crew) who were not elected, but selected (by a Supreme Court stacked with Republican judges) who went to war on disinformation at best, outright lies at worst.

Americans can be assured of a change in world opinion, if on Second November they vote to put things right, that is, evict Bush.

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips


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