Dear Sir,

How I agree with Meb Cutlack's letter in Sunday's Majorca Daily Bulletin. One of the things that struck me on first coming into contact with the Spanish Health Service 11 years ago was that the GP (medico de cabecera) did not profess to know everything - how can he with such a complex subject as medicine. I saw that there is no hesitation by the GP to refer the patient on to a specialist and the waiting lists are minimal by British standards. My own and my family's experiences with the Spanish Health Service have been second to none. My husband had minor surgery with outstanding care and attention. My daughter, after a skiing accident, had physiotherapy every day for a couple of months.

Yearly smear tests and gynaecological examinations are dealt with by a Gynaecologist and not a GP with a practice nurse carrying out the smear test. My daughter's new baby is assigned a Paediatrician for her childhood medical care. My own minor problems have been solved by referrals to specialists - not being fobbed off with medication.

The stories in the Bulletin last week and others we have read in the past praise our hospitals and medical care here in Majorca and rightly so. I know that my family are grateful to be in the health service system here in Spain.

Judith O'Connor


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