Dear Sir,

WE have owned an apartment for 20 years in Cala Millor so my son and daughter have been coming here since they were children.
My son and some friends have just returned after having an enjoyable holiday apart from the last day.
They were loading up the hire car with their luggage in a “Cargar & Recargar” zone on Son Corp in the resort when a policeman came and said they had parked in a restricted area and they would have to pay an “on the spot” fine of 40 euros.

They explained that they were loading their luggage and would be going straight off to the airport, but the policeman insisted that the fine had to be paid as the tailgate of the car was over the line and that if they didn't pay they would be in trouble.

When my son took his wallet out to pay and the policeman saw that he had more money in it, he then said that he “had made a mistake” and that the fine was actually 75 euros.

Rather than argue the point as they had to get to the airport, they paid up.
This zone is opposite our apartment and we have seen, over the years, many local people using it as a parking space, never mind just loading and unloading, and they never get fined, only the tourists.

Is the 75 euro fine correct or is this a scam by the police? If so then I would consider taking legal action as it is not only against the law, but also racism against tourists of other countries.

It has been two years since my son visited the island, he says it will be a lot longer before he comes back again.
He commented that the resort was very quiet for this time of year.
Perhaps this is why there are no tourists here and if the ones that do come are treated like this then they won't come back either.
My daughter and her family are due to visit later this month, perhaps I should tell her to only keep 10 euros in her purse so she won't get fleeced by the police.

Yours sincerely
Carole Giffen
Cala Millor


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