Dear Sir,

I would like to reply to a letter in your paper dated 6th August by Mr George Tunnell, referring to Gibraltar.
In his letter, Mr. Tunnell mentions Ceuta and Melilla and his admiration, as a “good democrat”, in seeing the status quo preserved. He points to Ireland and the Falkland Islands as examples.

Does he realize that the status quo he so admires has only been kept in place in Ireland by the most blatant discriminatory practices, where the minority of the population were (and continue to be) treated as second class citizens in their own country, where bigotry, gerrymandering and the Unionist veto were the order of the day? If Mr. Tunnell should ever find himself in Ireland, I doubt there would be many “good democrats” to welcome him.

As to the Falklands, I find it difficult to understand how, in this day and age, Britain can justify having a colony 7000 miles from her shores. The days of Empire are long gone and maybe the Argentinians would like to vote to return to their islands, if they were allowed ashore.

I asked my Spanish wife what her opinions were on Gibraltar and she replied that maybe if the Gibraltarians were so proud to be British they should give up their tax exemptions and shopping sprees across the border and return to Britain. Just as Spain should never be in Ceuta or Melilla, nor should Britain be in Gibraltar. Might isn't always right, as the Americans are finding out to their cost in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Steve Humphries



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