Dear Editor, CAN we add to the list of “robberies” in our Majorcan towns. We, that is my husband and I, just over 60 but fit and we hope not doddery at all.
We were the victims of a tyre slash robbery on July 19. We did report it to the police on the same day. It was after leaving the Caprabo supermarket in Manacor at about 2.30pm. We had to pull in with a flat tyre. Whilst changing this, we were approached by a man shouting and gesticulating in a “foreign” language, very garbled and not any tongue we recognised. No help was offered to us, his main aim was, as we later realised, to get us both away from the car.

Tyre mended, we got into the car to find both our bags stolen. We lost all our money, credit cards, passports and a driving license. We have now spent many days trying to piece our lives together again. We feel we were targetted as victims in the supermarket and followed by a gang whose sole purpose was to rob us.

Having just recovered a little from this incident and in another supermarket in Manacor, two Saturdays ago, we again realised we were being targetted by two men behind us in the supermarket queue.

They were waiting for us in their car in the car park and pulled in behind us as we drove away. We realised something was not right and pulled back into the supermarket. They waited a while and then drove off. This time we had no slashed tyre, but what we wonder were they going to do to us, what scam to rob us were they about to perpetrate.

We love Majorca and have been coming here for over 20 years and now propose to make our summer home our permanent home. The Majorcans are wonderful and very helpful and we loved it here on the east side. It was very quiet and tranquil and Manacor an unthreatening town, but not now.

As these incidents increase and having been victims of these criminals once, and almost twice, we are now seriously worried and very scared by this rise in attacks on vulnerable people going about such mundane activities as shopping. We now feel worried about driving along roads to reach our home. We are obviously targets. Why?? Maybe we can't stay here!

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