By Jason Moore

I don't mind paying the airline a surcharge because of rising fuel costs. Understand that they have their bottom line and that times are hard. However, once the fuel crisis has come to an end and petrol prices fall will they slash their prices? I doubt it, I'm afraid. But I don't really blame the airlines I blame the big oil companies. Some of the most profitable multi-nationals in the world are the major oil companies who make profits well in excess of the one billion pound mark. While there is much talk in the corporate world of client loyalty perhaps the oil companies will be loyal to their clients and not pass-on the cost of escatalating oil prices to their band of customers at the drop of a hat. I have never seen something so fast; oil prices rise and the next day you find that a tank full of petrol has gone-up. I only wish that my petrol attendant was so fast. It is the same with banks and to a lesser extent supermarkets. I find it quite outrageous that some of the most profitable companies in Spain are the big banks. They even charge you money when you withdraw cash from a cash-point which doesn't belong to your bank. Supermarkets despite all their special offers always make a tidy sum for their shareholders. I haven't got a problem with companies making a profit but surely their must be a limit? I understand that shareholders want a return on their investment but how much? A decent profit or one that is outrageous.

Unfortunately decency appears to be missing in the corporate world. The person at the end of the line always suffers and the people, in this place are us, the consumer. Have you noticed that a litre of petrol and a loaf of bread are now very snuggly in the one euro mark. Is this just rounding off or is it market forces? Unfortunately we can't do without any of them and we have to pay and lump it. A sad state of affairs but profit profit.


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