By Jason Moore
MY congratulations to that band of business-people of the year who are making our Christmas extra special because they have decided to open on Saturday afternoons. The dedication of these people is mind-blowing. Where would Majorca be without its small shopkeepers? Napolean once said that Britain was a land of small shopkeepers -- he obviously had little knowledge of Majorcan shopkeepers because otherwise he would have said that Majorca is a land of shopkeepers who open only when they want and who are not very obliging. I have made my thoughts very clear in this column this year about Majorca's Doomsday Book shop opening hours and now I would like to turn my attention to restaurant owners. Question: what is the day of the week when most people go out for lunch? Answer: Sunday. So why are the majority of restaurants in the centre of Palma closed on Sunday? Living in the centre of Palma I am lucky to have a number of first class restaurants within walking distance. Unfortunately, the majority close on Sunday to give their staff the day off. This is all very well but wouldn't it be a better idea if they closed on Monday? I just don't understand it. I thought that most businesses were formed to make money. Obviously not in Palma. Perhaps they make so much money during the week that they do not need to open on Sunday. If that is the case then I will say no more. However, I did read that local restaurants on the island were facing a crisis and their takings had fallen. I would ask for 2005 that restaurant and shop owners got together and marked out their priorities. I like nothing better than going out for a Sunday lunch and in an ideal world I would like to do some shopping beforehand. All this is impossible at the moment. Seems ridiculous, well probably, but ‘who cares?' obviously seems to be the answer. My ideal Christmas present would be to be able to shop and eat when I want, please Santa.


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