By Jason Moore
I noticed that the Balearic leader Jaume Matas, wants the new Balearic TV and radio station IB3 to be modelled on the BBC. This new media outfit has been set-up by the Balearic government basically because every other region of Spain has their own TV; from TV3 in Cataluña to C9 in Valencia and Tele Madrid in the capital. But don't think you will be getting a bill through your letter box every year to pay for the new TV station in the Balearics. No, it will be funded by the government and by advertising revenue. I suspect that when Matas says IB3 will be like the BBC, I suppose that he was referring to its independence. Which brings me to the issue of the BBC and its licence fee. I watched a heated debate on Sky TV yesterday over this issue. Anyone who watches national Spanish television would probably (and I say probably) be prepared to pay a licence fee because you can safely say that in Spain a film on television lasts twice as long as a result of the endless stream of advertisements. Paying for TV is nothing new but the difference is that with the satellite and digital stations it is optional and the viewer is in control and with the BBC it is a viewing and listening tax. With private channels you take out a subscription because you know that the programme you want to watch is worth seeing. Which brings me again to the BBC (?). While it is a fantastic organisation with world-wide respect I don't understand why they need so many staff if most of the programmes are bought from private production companies? That great Majorca TV programme Passport to the Sun was not made by the BBC just shown on its channels. Just look at the end of most programmes and very few are done in-house. The BBC has to change because it does have a growing number of critics. I noticed that Sky News was named again as Britain's best 24 hour news channel despite all the effort the BBC has made with their very own News 24. The world is changing and the BBC needs to change with it.


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