Dear Sir,

THE Bulletin article on the installation of permanent cameras to catch speeding drivers is the perfect example of “shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted” and typical of Palma's administrators.

As you point out, the project was agreed two years ago, but since then additional, light controlled pedestrian crossings have brought the total sets of traffic lights on the Paseo (Porto Pi roundabout to the Portixol turn off) to THIRTEEN. Without driving through these lights at red, it is futile for drivers to exceed the 50km speed limit as this will only get them to the next set where they will have to stop. What is needed are cameras focused on the traffic lights to catch those who ignore or “jump” them. Impose the American system of “Three strikes and you're out” and by that I mean the third conviction for driving through a red light means automatic suspension of the Driving Licence - and problem solved! The real traffic problems of the Paseo are twofold: it's used by Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV's) and parking on, or partly on, the pavements. Both are easily solved. The first by simply banning HGV's over a certain weight from using it and the second by dissuading offenders by pointing out to them that it is perfectly legal for them to park on the inside lane.

To make this truly beautiful seafront avenue reflect Palma's image to islanders and visitors alike, one other thing must be attended to, and that is it's cleanliness. It disgusts me to see the amount of rubbish (plastic bottles, cups, bags, glasses) littering both sides of the Paseo every Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning. This morning it hadn't been touched by the street cleaners when I walked it at 10:30. On the sea side it is mainly the contents of bags of drinks and food brought by revellers in their cars. On the Auditorium side it is the debris left outside the bars and clubs by their patrons.

Would it not be fair to suggest that these places of entertainment be required to clean the pavements fronting their establishments before they lock up in the mornings, thus freeing the council workers to concentrate on the sea side of the road?

Can we have some common sense applied to a common problem? Please!

Best Regards
Roy Cowen


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