Dear Sir,

WONDERFUL news about GESA's tentative toe-in-the-water ideas about a “mini wind park” in Majorca.
People still do “bang on” about windmills contributing, for only part of the time, to the supply of electricity etc...
Can you imagine that this was the case in days of yore when the whole of the island's plain to the east of Palma was covered in hundreds of windmills from which people earned their living, say only 25 percent of the time?

Modern electricity-generating windmills have variable-pitch blades which are controlled automatically so that they turn (productively) most of the time.

We have to get on with it. Better to scrap many of those expensive road projects and use the millions of Euros for more vital issues.
Have many readers sampled a free-trip around Palma harbour in the Solar-powered “Solemar” boat?
After denials of its existence by the Diesel-powered rip-off merchants there, we discovered this marvellous Government-sponsored invention, for which, believe it or not, no publicity at the harbour is allowed.

Free electricity, no noise, smoke or pollution. It's another way to “kill the cat”.
The Bulletin publishes the days on which it operates.
Richard Harding, Oxford


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