Dear Sir,

REGARDING the letter from Mr. & Mrs. McDaid praising Palma Nova in general as a resort area, but complaining about time share sales people touting for business on the streets, etc., until the authorities ever get around to making this activity of “hawking” illegal, one way of cutting short their “speil” and being able to move on, is just to tell them you already own a property on Majorca. This will “cut their legs from under them” and they'll move on to other victims! Whilst my own estate agency operations are in the North East, where we are located, i.e. Alcudia/Pollensa, we were recently commissioned by a long-standing client of ours to find a suitable property in the Calvia area. Their list of requirements were so extensive that we were having great difficulty finding a suitable place, even through all the leading estate agents, etc., but all credit to the small ads in the Majorca Bulletin, for it was there that a private advert placed caught our eye, and it fitted perfectly to our requirements.

Over the many years I have been in business here, those classified adverts in the MDB have proved most fruitful, and long may they continue! The superb property was located in Palma Nova, and during various visits there, I found it is really a most complete resort, especially off-season, where at least there was some “life and activity”. May it continue.

Graham Phillips
Palma de Mallorca.


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