By Jason Moore

A few months ago, British pop star Annie Lennox, lamented that Majorca was becoming overdeveloped and took a swipe at the Balearic government's controversial road building programme. Lennox has owned a home on the island for more than 20 years but it appears that she is not alone and Majorca's star attraction certainly appears to be waning. While both Minorca and Ibiza have attracted “A” list celebrities Majorca's pull consisted mostly of former soap stars and minor TV celebrities. Whatever you may think about celebs they certainly give a place publicity and promotion. Ibiza and Minorca have never been far from the headlines this year while Majorca's once commanding position has been shattered. I find myself asking why do the A-List stay away from a place which was once their principal holiday destination? There are naturally many reasons ranging from the papparrazzi to the fact that you can't disappear on the island. But then I remembered what Annie Lennox said and I came to the conclusion that perhaps she's got a point.

While the island has developed dramatically over recent years it has lost some of its Mediterranean character, the shops, the restaurants are similar to those you could find anywhere. While development continues to be one of the lifelines of the local economy, there are dangers which Annie Lennox clearly underlined.


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