By Jason Moore
EVER since the introduction of the euro, in this space, I have moaned and groaned about the increase in the cost of living especially when it comes to restaurants. But I know get the impression that even supermarkets and food shops are join the great price increase. Eventhough I have often slated the restaurant trade for their high prices I came to the conclusion last Sunday that sometimes it is cheaper to go out for lunch or dinner than eat at home. Last weekend I fancied a traditional British Sunday lunch; the fridge was empty so I went out shopping buying a beef joint, vegetables, a bottle of rather average wine and a few other items and the bill came to 47 euros (and I still had to cook it all). Judging by some of the restaurant advertisements in the Bulletin on Sunday I could have gone anywhere and enjoyed a three coast meal with a roast for much less. Now, the supermarket in question is in a relatively tourist area and I am sure that by cornershop in Palma would have been much cheaper. This Sunday I won't be cooking at home. I will be going to a nearby restaurant and enjoying a well cooked meal with wine safe in the thought that I don't have to slave over a stove and at the end find myself out of pocket.
Incredible but true; restaurants I don't know how you do it for the money but I certainly congratulate all your efforts.


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