Dear Sir, WITH the municipal elections looming (27th May) the political parties are on the move to woo voters. In Calvia, the PSOE (Socialist) candidate for mayor, Snr Manchado has been doing the rounds squeezing hands and kissing babies. Recently, in Son Ferrer he stated that the PSOE will oppose any conversion of hotels into apartments.

I would suggest that if a hotel is economically running as a hotel, the owner would hardly think about a conversion.
Surely it is better to have more accommodation for those that need it in current buildings as opposed to, for example, the abandoned eyesores of El Terreno and Cala Mayor.

However, we must remember that the PSOE's grasp of economic reality left us with a massive debt of 140'592'000 Euros in 2003 after 12 years of fiscal bulimia.

I would remind all citizens of Calvia and indeed the Balearics that being on the “padron” (registered as being resident) does not give you the right to vote in these local elections. A separate form “Electoral census of European citizensnon-Spanish residents” (form CERE.DF-2) must be filled in which can be obtained and completed (don't forget to take ID) in the various town halls.

In Calvia these forms are also conveniently available in the tourist offices in Magalluf, Illetas and Paguera. You have until the 16th April to register your right to vote.

I'm sure also readers will be interested in another pronouncement by the Calvia socialists that if they get into power they will close down Calvia's foreigners' department that was set up by the current ruling Partido Popular party (PP) and is run by councillor Kate Mentink.

John Rule, Sol de Majorca


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