By Jason Moore
THE other day I was surfing the internet looking for hotels in East Anglia. I thought that my options would be rather limited because afterall, if they aren't open in Majorca, they can't be open there because temperatures at this time of the year don't often hit double figures. But I was mistaken, most of the sea-side hotels which I found were open for business. Quite amazing when you take into account that their counterparts in Majorca always moan that there is no point opening after October. Intrigued I continued to search their websites to see what they were offering; mystery weekends, talks on classical music, cookery classes, the list was endless. In other-words because the odds are stacked against them they have been forced to come up with some novel ideas and features to get holiday bookers. They have obviously been successful because they are all open for business. I am sure that if you told your average East Anglian hotelier that you had temperatures of 16 degrees upwards in the winter they would say that you were very lucky and should make the most of it. The moral of this's kind of amazing what you can do with a bit of imagination. Majorca may have been one of the pioneers of bucket and spade tourism but as regards winter tourism it has plenty to learn.


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