By Ray Fleming
TONY Blair made the best of what might have been a bad job in his short article in The Observer on Sunday about the million-strong e-petition against road pricing on the No 10 website.

Last week the initial Whitehall reaction to the size of the protest was of shock and even horror that No 10 itself had been host to this outpouring of motorists' anger over a proposed experiment in road charging.

But, without worrying too much over whether or not the response had been expected, Mr Blair has turned it to his advantage by pledging to reply to every single one of the million-plus protestors.

In his article he pointed out that the views of those opposed to road-pricing would have existed whether or not there had been the opportunity of signing an e-petition but that the exercise has given the government the opportunity, which did not exist before, to reply directly and cost-effectively to those who have demonstrated their strong views on the subject.

In his reply the Prime Minister intends to set out the government's belief that road charging of some kind is part of the answer to the road and transport problems the country faces. Whether or not his arguments are accepted is not the main point.

He is probably right in thinking that he could not have communicated so directly to such a closely-targetted segment of the public in any other way.


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Angela shrieves / Hace about 1 year

I would like to place an advert in your newspaper to find a good home for 2 horses. Can you tell me please how to go about this Thank you


Asa Sindeman / Hace over 2 years

Maybe write something about this? /Asa


Daily Bulletin / Hace over 3 years

It was uncovered, and the Balearic health ministry announced in December last year that the cause was an external hydromassage spa at a Palmanova hotel. Unaware of the name of the hotel having been made public, though.


Melissa Higgs / Hace over 3 years


I am hoping you can help?

We visited Palmanova last year and when we returned to the UK my mum was diagnosed with legionnaires disease. She was hospitalised for 3 weeks put on a high dependency unit and intensive care with a nurse sat in a room with her 24 hours a day (she was very poorly).

We are trying to find the root cause of the outbreak but struggling to do so and with Spanish Law only allowing a year to investigate we only have until this Wednesday to find it! Was it ever uncovered in which hotel the outbreak started?

Kind regards Melissa Higgs


Will Weatherhead / Hace over 4 years

Please if possible could you put a small note into the Daily Bulletin for two friends. Paul and Margaret Johnson have recently retired and are spending time at their family apartment in Paguera and all their friends wish them a long and happy retirement. They are there until this weekend coming.

Many thanks Will We will be over at the end of the month.


Lynne Hamlett / Hace over 5 years

please help, we come to your beautiful island twice yearly. unfortunately our September holiday was cut short due to sickness, and we had to return urgently, without buying our calendars for 2017, to see us through till we return in May. l have searched the web with no success, could you please help me as to where l could order them from. thankyou.


Austin Morgan / Hace over 5 years

Tourist Tax,

We have just bought a property in Cala D'or after 23 years of visiting the area as we feel that the area is something special, we will not have to pay the tourist tax now but will have to pay many other taxes, can I just say show everyone where the tax is being spent like filling the holes in the road and improving the pavements so that people can walk safe, they have started here in Cala Dor in some places but please carry on the good work.

Austin Morgan Cala Dor