A reader emailed me following my Viewpoint on Thursday regarding residencias to say that perhaps the Bulletin could make a stand against this new piece of nonsense by the Spanish authorities. I think you will probably find that the Spanish authorities are not too impressed with the new system either but they had no option because it was a ruling from Brussels. The main stumbling block is that the certificates which have replaced the actual residence cards are not classified as identification; the certificates show just that you are a resident in Spain. If we are to take a stand and I can also talk to my German counterparts who are also not too impressed by the new ruling, then I need your support so that I can gauge the public discontent over the new system. Therefore, I would call on you to send me an email to jmooreUmajorcadailybulletin.es then we can decide what action can be taken.

I T appears that the Partido Popular are having some serious problems in their pact talks with the Majorcan Unionists. The PP appear to be offering plenty to the Unionists in return for their votes. The stumbling block? The Partido Popular went out of its way to attack the Unionists during the campaign. Now the boot is on the other foot and it appears to be kicking.


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