By Jason Moore

WELL thank you very much for all your support over the issue of our residence cards being replaced by a completely useless certificate. Reading the scores of emails I received it is clear that the non-Spanish European Community is not impressed! I have already contacted a British Member of the European Parliament over the issue and I await his response. Afterall, this legislation has been passed down from Brussels. I suspect the Spanish authorities would have rather liked to leave the system as it was. Apart from the useless certificate more issues have come to light. Firstly, perhaps the time has come for the Spanish government to set-up a department to deal solely with non-Spanish Europeans and their paperwork. While the need for foreigners' offices was a key role in the local election campaign this is only at council level and now the Spanish government should act. Surely, if Spain wants to continue to attract non-Spanish Europeans then a department to deal with their affairs would be a good idea. And once again. Forget the certificate bring back our residence permit with its nice photograph and fingerprint. It just makes life a lot easier.

Spanish citizens have their identity cards and we, non-Spanish, Europeans want the same. It could be argued that the certificate is a clear case of discrimination.


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