By Jason Moore
I was quite amazed at President Francesc Antich´s reaction to the jailing of the former Mayor of Andratx, Eugenio Hidalgo earlier this week. Antich slammed the opposition centre-right Partido Popular because Hidalgo was a member of the party when he was jailed. However, it must be remembered that Hidalgo was courted by both the socalists and the Majorcan Unionists; he served on a socialist council in Andratx. So in other-words none of the main parties can really take the moral high ground on this issue. I was also amazed to read that Antich (in relation to the jailing of the former Director General for Planning Jaume Massot) said that no Director General in his government would ever go to jail. I sincerely hope so. This is just the start of the Andratx case into alleged planning offences involving the former Mayor, the Director General and the former Andratx planning officer. It is going to be a long case and I think it will be a good idea if party politics was kept out of it.

I sat down and watched the European song contest on Saturday night. Never again. What an absolute nightmare. Basically it was a battle between Scandinavia and eastern Europe and Russia won. Neighbours voted for each other despite the poor quality of their songs. Perhaps it would be an idea to have an independent jury in each country (perhaps the same people who do Pop Idol) because otherwise this once great contest is just going to disappear, which would be a great shame. It needs to be changed or abandoned.


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