Dear Sir, I would like to reply to today´s YOUR VIEWS. Tourists must understand than when prices go up in Britain that we have to pay extra to get all the British products here through the suppliers. Our products went up by 20-25 percent at the beginning of this year.

I disagree that Majorca is expensive, the British tourists are getting less euros for their pound and that is why they think this.
I own a cafe-bar in the south west of the island and my prices have not risen this year at all. But I have a greedy landlord who is demanding that we pay upwards 10'000 euros to renew our lease. We pay rent every month which is exhorbitant but on top of the 10'000 euros he is demanding another 150 euros onto the rent.

Where do landlords think we are going to get the money for all this. Our takings personally this year are at least 50-60 percent down on last year. I know of others who are being asked for 50'000 euros and over, plus more on their rents. If we don´t pay we basically hand the keys back to them and forget all about the money that we have put into this business, never mind our time, energy and all the refurbishment that has been done to the premises.

The landlords are laughing all the way to the bank as far as we can see. They would rather have their cafes (whatever) lying empty and getting no rent as getting the rent they are being paid at the moment.

This is the other thing that tourists have to remember the price we pay for goods i.e sausage, Danish bacon etc. is not all we have to pay. Every breakfast, snack or dinner has to pay for rents, landlords retentions, gestors electricity, gas, water, community charges, nothing is for free it all has to be paid for.

To sum up the tourists should think what they pay for at home for something add all the costs to transport it here and all the above, then say it is expensive here. I don´t think so.

Maybe these tourists have been unlucky and gone into some cafes and bars that are only open for the season. They have to make all their money in the summer to cover the winter. Some are very expensive but they can do the same to the rest of us. WALK AWAY AND GO INTO THE OTHER BARS AND CAFES THAT ARE CHEAPER.

Yours, A concerned cafe bar owner


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