By Jason Moore
I have been quite amazed that with the pound sterling still suffering there hasn´t been more calls for Britain to join the euro. You would have thought that with the 20 percent devaluation of sterling against the single European currency the pro-euro lobby would have been out in force calling for radical action. But no. Is the euro debate over in Britain? At least when Tony Blair was in power, it actually appeared on the agenda, but since Gordon Brown arrived, no mention at all. Why?

I am also quite amazed that tourists haven´t raised the issue either. I think it is quite evident that there is more chance of Gordon Brown being re-elected than Britain joining the single currency, despite the nightmare financial situation. There are many advantages of joining the single currency and naturally there are some important disadvantages. The euro is causing Spain many problems because some would say that the single currency has ended mass, cheap tourism to the country. Cheap, good weather and a short distance away is what made Majorca a number 1 holiday destination. Unfortunately, it is no longer cheap and some say that the service is not worth the money. A strong currency is not good for tourism, a lesson which has been learnt in Majorca this year.


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