Dear Sir,

TODAY'S Spanish Press reports that at 65 schools, children will be returning to temporary/prefabricated buildings, whilst on another page it is reported that Sr Grosske is not in favour of moving the “Botellon” but instead wants public “loos” installed the Paseo Maritimo for said “revellers” and more money spent on cleaning the area!

Might I suggest Sr Grosske stops wasting public money, declares the “Botellon” illegal and re-direct all monies used for policing/cleaning to get rid of temporary school buildings ie. where it is most needed and where the taxpayers would prefer the money spent (especially those taxpayers who live along the Paseo Maritimo).

Yours sincerely

M. Irving, Portals Nous

Dear Sir,

Passing through Palma Airport, through check in, security, hand in any liquids or drinks over 100ml and make your way through to the departure gates. Wait for an hour, buy yourself and the kids a drink, 500ml bottle of Coke etc, 3.50 Euro. Hang on 3.50 Euro? That's £3.18 pence. Even in outlets such as motorway services, with captive audiences in the UK, this bottle costs £1.50. The last thing people remember about Majorca is being ripped off in the name of preventing terrorism. Absolute disgrace, no excuses, blatant profiteering.

Alan Wheat, Cala Bona

Dear Sir,

SOME time ago Kate Mentink did an article on the problems regarding the above company. It seems the situation has not changed. We have now been disconnected for one week despite paying all facturas to date, as a matter of fact we had to re-pay another sum which was under dispute before they would consider to review our case which was in Sept 08. It seems strange that they would allow an outstanding bill to go on for so long. We have all the paid facturas showing from our end everything is up to date, still no joy. Today we went again to the office in Son Bugadellas to be told that someone called at 10.00am to re-connect and no one was there. I was at the bar from 8.45am until 5.30pm hoping they would arrive and now we have been told we have to submit another contract before connection. This was due to the policy, if no one accepts the call before arrival they will not arrive to connect us and my gestor gave his mobile for this purpose and was not contacted. I feel this situation will affect more than myself, due to a lack of communication between departments. On one of our daily visits which averages 2 hours, as only one person deals with Endesa, a lady was disconnected for 37 euros outstanding from January this year. She returned from shopping with her kids to no light and after protesting and being almost in tears she was informed connection would be made within 24 hours. Barbaric, I think I will keep you posted with my progress or not.

Stuar Boyd, Glasgow bar in Santa Ponsa


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