By Jason Moore

FULL marks to Roger Gale, the Conservative Member of Parliament, for his campaign to get British citizens living abroad the additional benefits which they so badly need. I can´t understand why the British government refuses to pay some benefits, such as carer´s allowances, simply because the person involved may live abroad in another European Union country. The EU agrees and has ruled that Britain must do the right thing and start paying the benefits. The British government is stalling, and quite amazingly Prime Minister Gordon Brown had no knowledge of the issue when he was asked in parliament the other day by Roger Gale.

The Labour government can´t say that they are pro-Europe and applaud the Lisbon Treaty and then discriminate against British citizens simply because they live in another European country. Brown has said that Britain should be at the heart of Europe, but unfortunately the British government is being rather cold-hearted with those Britons who want to make a new life outside Britain in another European Union country. I sincerely hope that this issue is resolved quickly and soon. If it is then Roger Gale should certainly be thanked by all especially those who have been discriminated against for so long by the government.


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