BEING a regular visitor to Magalluf, (at least 3 times a year), I was dismayed to see the unwelcome return of the dreaded PR people outside the bars. A young lady trying to get us to go into a bar, pestered us every single night of our holiday, on two occasions running across the road to do so and we also had a similar experience at another bar. I thought that these PR people had been banned? We don't want pestering by these people every time we walk down the street.

After reading in your paper about the proposed increase in policing on the beaches, it was very reassuring to see so many policemen on the beach at Magalluf every morning, (6 one day). But come lunch time, when all the badly behaved idiot/drunks descend on a specific corner, it was very hard to find any policemen at all. On one occasion we saw grown men running around completely naked and using foul language within a few yards of families with young children playing on the beach. We want to be able to walk down the beach/ promenade with our young granddaughter without hearing or seeing such behaviour. Until the authorities put a stop to this sort of behaviour there is no hope for the future of Magalluf. Families will stop coming and the only thing Magalluf will have left is the 4 night stag/hen parties who spend every waking moment in a drunken stupor, annoying, and even frightening, anyone who goes near them. They contribute nothing to the economy as they only buy alcohol and they don't spend any money in the shops.

This situation has been going on for years but seems to be getting worse rather than better. Wake up Calvia Council, we know times are hard but try and build a better future while you still can! Yours,

Dave S and Family


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