By Jason Moore

ABOUT eight years ago, the Balearic government of Francesc Antich announced plans to introduce a one euro tourist tax on all visitors to the islands. It was so unpopular that Antich had no option but to scrap his plans but he still maintained that the surcharge was a good idea.

Eight years later this same Balearic President has severely criticised the German authorities for introducing an airport tax. Antich claimed that it would severely hit tourism to Majorca from Germany. Yes, that is exactly what the German tour firms said about his tourist tax! So a Balearic tax is a good idea and German one isn't? The difference between the German airport tax and the surcharge that Antich wanted to introduce is that the German version will be paid by all visitors to all destinations while the local version would only be paid here. I think Antich should come clean and state whether or not he belives that taxes on tourists are a good idea or not. Also, I don´t understand why the Balearic government is getting so upset in the first place because Britain has had an airport tax for many years. I sincerely doubt this tax will hit tourism to Majorca and I hope that it doesn´t mean that the Balearic government would have a change of heart on its tourist tax.


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