By Jason Moore

What an absolutely fantastic occasion. The royal wedding was an enormous success yesterday and I was amazed to see the large numbers of people crowding into London from all over the world to see the big event. I can vaguely remember the marriage of Prince Charles to Princess Diana but as far as I am concerned this was the big wedding.

Everything went like clockwork and even the rain which had been forecast stayed clear for the day. It was British precision at its best; the whole world was watching and Britain basked in its splendour. It was Great Britain again yesterday and if this event doesn´t give the country a lift, I don´t know what will. The one thing that Britain is very good at, is pomp and ceremony and yesterday it was clear for the world to see. But the party and celebration stretched around the globe from the United States to Australia and even Majorca, where scores of parties took place. Kate Middleton , looked absolutely fantastic and she looks set to become a major asset to the royal family.

Before the wedding some in Britain questioned whether the British royal family had a future, I think it has got a very bright future and I suspect that even some of the Commonwealth states which were planning to ditch the monarch will have a change of heart. Congratulations to all involved in the organisation for an event which will certainly go down in history.


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