When I arrived on the island last week for my Easter holiday, I was greeted by the article in Viewpoint by Jason Moore -whose comments on the Council's plan to reduce the funding they give to the Balearic Symphony Orchestra.

This orchestra is vital to the cultural life on the island.
Their concerts are not only attended by local residents, I have several friends, who buy a season ticket each year but they are well attended by the tourists.

In Saturday's Bulletin there was a big article on the fact that Palma Council had already voted on Friday to reduce the funding by 32 percent.
This decision will obviously damage the orchestra, but how much damage will be determined in the future.
How many of Palma Councils members who voted on the decision on Friday will be returned to the Council at the next local election.
I was coming to the island for several years before the orchestra was truely founded.
I have seen this orchestra raise its standards year by year, and most of this has been done to Salvador Brotons who is currently enjoying his season term of office as the orchestra's director titular.

The musicians responded to this man's hard work and dedication like no other.
I know from reading his column, Ray Fleming shares the same view as myself.
I wish the orchestra well in the future. Let's hope that some business benefactors will be generous enough to make up some of the cuts but in the difficult financial times that might be difficult.

Brian Griffith


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