by Humphrey Carter

The Spanish traffic department is currently running a nationwide advertising campaign trying to convince drivers that cyclists are their friends. Pause for thought there! As a cyclist, I too have had my fair share of incidents with vehicles, mostly taxis I must add, but so too have I had my run ins with fellow cyclists.
You know the ones, the ones who think they own the road and they are the cyclists who earn us all a bad name.
I've collided with fellow cyclists on various occasions and, I am pleased to say it's never been my fault and I once saw a cyclist, who was busy talking away on his mobile, wrap himself around a lamppost in Portixol. Laugh, I laughed all the way home- and then some - I hope he learnt his lesson.

And then yesterday, I was using a pedestrian crossing in Palma and a cyclist, using one of Palma's free bikes, brushed past me, rubbing a nice layer of oil all the way up the side of my chinos.

Did he stop, did he.... he just shrugged, waved a hand in the air and cycled off down a pavement with no cycle lane.
We (cyclists) are the first to get all hot under our helmets when we don't get our way and more cycle lanes built but half of my fellow cyclists should quite simply be banned from using them because they are ruining the reputation of law abiding, sensible cyclists.

I wonder if that chap's mobile still works - I'm, still laughing!


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