Over the last few months we have heard or read all the rhetoric about the upgrading of Magalluf (Nova Calvia) and how it is going to become a high end resort. Millions of euros are being spent on the upgrade of hotels and other facilities with the intention of attracting families.

Having been in Magalluf last week we were dismayed to see that families still have to take second place to the needs of of the drunken element (unfortunately, mainly British). Poolside areas, bars and other public places were vacated by families within a few minutes of these people arriving, shouting, swearing and singing lewd football songs as loudly as possible.

People were not able to get a decent nights sleep due to the noise these selfish people make, hotel rooms were being wrecked and security men were being called to try and keep them quiet.

Unfortunately the hotels can't or don't want to do anything about this situation except to sell them more alcohol.
During our one week stay, several families with young children told us they would never come back to Majorca simply because of the drunks.
We know times are hard and we are all having to tighten our belts but the hotels/council need to think more about the people who come for a two week holiday and a lot less about the groups who come for three or four nights, wreck the place and drive decent people away.

What we did find surprising was the age of these undesirable people, some being in their 60s or older were shouting and using the most foul language in front of young children (not the youths that normally take the blame).

We all go on holiday to have a good time but getting or drunk and annoying other people is not mandatory.
There are bars still employing PR people (which we thought was illegal) and there are still people walking the streets selling sunglasses etc.
Until this situation is resolved for the better, all the money spent on reforming Magalluf is money down the drain.
Magalluf and it's residents are lovely, they deserve better. The holiday maker deserves better.
Maybe one day we will be able to write to you pointing out how good Magalluf is, but we think that is a long way off.
Kind regards, Pat & Dave Andrews


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