by Ray Fleming

The 30th anniversary of the Falkland s war has brought many tributes to those who lost their lives there and who fought and returned.

It has also provided an opportunity for Admiral Sir John Woodward, commander of the Falklands task force, to repeat criticism of the government's “destructive reduction” of Britain's aircraft carrier capacity. Asked whether Britain could take the Falklands again, Sir John replied, “Without carriers, no.” The anniversary has, perhaps surprisingly, led to letters to The Times seeking to correct the “lack of media coverage” for the part played by the Scots Guards battalion, compared to that for Paras and Commandos, the “lack of recognition” of the importance of the raids by RAF Vulcans and Victors of Strike Command, and the “absence of mention” of the Merchant Navy's considerable contribution of STUFT vessels (Ships Taken Up From Trade) from QE2, Canberra, Uganda, and Atlantic Conveyor which was lost, to “North Sea ferries, tankers, container ships, tugs, trawlers and more.”


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