by Jason

It was a black day for David Cameron on Wednesday, probably one of the blackest of his Premiership. There was no shortage of bad news. His biggest blow was that Britain was back in recession. Cameron has made solving Britain´s economic crisis his number 1 priority. The fact that the econony is continuing to contract shows that he has been unsuccessful. Short-term setback or a government in crisis? Well, most people you speak to admire Cameron, he is a leader. Unfortunately his cabinet is not up to the job. From Home Secretaries who forget what day it is, to Energy Ministers who allegedly provoked a fuel crisis to Culture Ministers who appear to be courting media moguls. It is not good. I would say that even Chancellor George Osborne is failing. Cameron must have a reshuffle and bring in more experienced people. His cabinet is failing him and if he doesn´t take action soon he may find that the coalition will simply fall apart. His only saving grace is that the Labour Party under Ed Miliband is going nowhere. If Labour had a leader who was up to the job then I suspect that coalition government would fall sooner rather than later. Unfortunately Labour are the saving grace of the coalition. No-one can see Miliband as Prime Minister, not even his own MPs. In the same way as Cameron should reshuffle his cabinet Labour should ditch their leader. The time has come for some spring cleaning in British politics but Cameron needs to start now.


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