I have a theory - possibly tongue in cheek, but who can tell? - about why the Unions in Majorca are on a suicide mission. Perhaps the Union leaders/inciters are moles from the Peninsular or even from other countries where tourism is their main industry too. The mission is to destroy tourism in Majorca so people will be forced to go elsewhere.

I have already advised my family and friends not to bother coming this year because:- l 1) The Air Traffic Controllers will no doubt decide on strike action just as they are due to take off, so flights will suffer horrendous delays or be cancelled completely; l 2) If they do manage to get here, Airport staff, cleaners, information etc. will possibly be on strike, so there will be filth everywhere; l 3) Baggage handlers could be on a go-slow or worse so people will have to manage their own luggage; l 4) If I am unable to meet them there may be strikes by taxi and coach drivers; l 5) When they get to their hotel, they probably won't have any meals or cleaning done as hotel workers could be on strike, hence more filth; l 6) Restaurants and bars will possibly not be on strike, but in most resorts the prices are extortionate for poor quality food and bad service because they can't afford to pay the prices for staff and decide to put up prices instead of reducing to attract more customers (you have to know where to go if you want anything decent); Have I missed anything? Oh yes! Demonstrations everywhere and aimed especially at tourists who don't want to learn Catalan.
I wonder if all of the above is so rife in other destinations and if not, why is it so bad here?
Roll on winter and see how many of the strikers still have jobs or the likelyhood for next year. Shouldn't everyone be trying to pull together to help get Spain out of this diabolical mess? It makes you think doesn't it?

Best regards
Gill Smart
Ca'n Pastilla


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