With respect to the extortionate increases in charges for disposal of rubbish from Calvias marinas, this increase is just another nail in the coffin for the tourist industry.

We have owned an apartment and small boat in Calvia for nearly 10 years now; during this time the costs for visiting (including flights, car hire, cost of owning apartment/taxes and boat) have risen very considerably.

We boat on a budget as do many of our friends in Majorca, despite what Calvia Council may think the majority of boat owners are not extremely wealthy.
The cost of boat ownership in Majorca, mooring fees and maintenance costs etc are extremely high compared to the UK and other European countries.
The effect this has and will have on the local economy is that there will be less money available to spend at the local restaurants, bars shops etc.
As an example we have reduced by a few days each time we visit and now no longer eat out in local restaurants, in an effort to contain costs.
At the rate these increase are being introduced it will not be very long before it becomes impossible to continue with the increased costs and we will reluctantly have no option than to sell up in Majorca and holiday elsewhere.

The Local and National Council/Government should be looking to assist local business's to attract more tourists, and to increase the tourist season rather than just continue to increase costs to people and drive them away.

Local shops
On another subject, we have just recently returned from the Island, and one way the local shops could help themselves would be to actually serve and show an interest in potential customers, rather than spend all of their time talking on a mobile phone or playing computer games.

This has become much more noticeable in recent times and seems to be on the increase. It appears that potential customers have become an inconvenience to some of the local shop keepers.

There are a very few notable exceptions where customer service is excellent.
Yours sincerely
P Brady
Santa Ponsa/UK


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