Your figures on European VAT rates on bars, alcohol, transport, hostelry and restaurants in today's Bulletin were amazingly revealing. Now we understand why the lager louts come here to drink far too much and fall off their balconies.

We should increase the VAT on alcohol to 20% immediately as a measure of health and safety.
If a few young people determined to get drunk go somewhere else Magaluff will be the better for it. It was also remarkable to see those of us in the southern most indebted countries are paying less than half the VAT rate of the Germans, who are kindly bailing us out, or the English who are trying to keep their own economy sound.

We shall not get out of this mess by relying on other countries to print money for us. We have to work harder and live much more thriftily rather than go on strike for more pay. Every new euro printed devalues the ones in your pocket. Every euro wasted increases our debt.

Every euro saved helps retain their value.
What is the Castillian, or Mallorquin equivalent of “GET STUCK IN?” Regards, Robin Musters


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