I read Frank Leavers article about how the English are considered in this country with interest. I say English, as the Spanish seem to be able to distinguish, or think they can, between the English, the Scots and the Welsh. Unfortunately he is 100% correct in his appreciation. One only has to read the comments in Spanish newspapers whenever Gibraltar, the Falklands or the EU are mentioned, to see the bile, such as “chusma” “borrachos” and other niceties, from people who have never met an Englishman or been to the UK. I say us, as I was born in England, and feel sorry for Commonwealth citizens who are bundled into the the same sack. We are also disliked due to our past history.

All English are still considered to be pirates who stole and plundered what the Spanish considered, to be their legitimate imports from the Americas.
Yes, we have got a terrible reputation, most probably deserved, which is only improved, when one actually speaks to someone who has spent some time in the UK dealing with the natives on a day to day basis. The only consolation is that the Spanish probably dislike the French even more than they dislike us ! Yours sincerely, Simon Tow


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