Palma Airport
On Saturday the 14th July I flew from Palma airport back home to England after my usual wonderful stay on the island.
My first thought was for the holiday makers next weekend if the coach strike goes ahead because a week before the experience of departing from Palma was nothing short of a nightmare.

Firstly when we went to the bag drop the conveyor belt had stopped working but that did not really affect us - then up to security - what security - a queue so long it nearly stretched the length of the airport and when we finally reached the area of green plastic boxes we did the usual disrobing - however the man who had the important job of making sure we had nothing sharp or liquid in our hand baggage was happily chatting to a colleague not even remotely interested in his x ray screen.

The nightmare was not over yet - we went to allotted terminal A and there was the largest mass of people waiting to go through passport control - it was so long and so wide one could not even see the passport control or its officers - we thought we had arrived at the airport so early and we would be able to have a leisurely coffee no such luck I even put 2 euro in the machine to get a bottle of water - it took my 2 euro but didn't give me any water - what a shambles - I wish the holiday makers who are making their longed for holiday to Majorca the best of luck next weekend - let's just hope for them there isn't a coach strike to contend with as well.

Sheila Hudson
York, England


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