by Jason Moore

The British are staying at home this year and not venturing abroad, according t o a report which you will read in today´s newspaper. A government promotion campaign on television underlining the delights of staying in Britain and warning of the perils of going abroad appears to have been successful. Now, it appears that the biggest problem is cost with many Britons saying that they can´t afford to go on holiday this year. I would say that it is probably cheaper to holiday in Majorca than in Britain especially since the recent surge in value of the pound against the Euro. But there is now a public perception that a holiday abroad is expensive not helped by the fact that prices on Majorca have gradually increased since the introduction of the euro. Also, I am amazed to hear that many Britons fear that they are going to be met by widespread discontent when they come on holiday to Greece, Spain or Portugal because of the economic problems which continue to dog the euro-zone. But perhaps Spain could learn from Britain. I have a family member who works at a hotel in Norfolk (which is set for a bumper summer season) and her hotel is open 12 months a year and Norfolk is not known for its sunshine. How can hotels stay open in Norfolk for 12 months a year but in Majorca they are closed in the winter because of the bad weather? It is amazing. If Majorca wants to attract the British in big numbers again then it is going to have to work very hard.


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