Today's edition made sad reading for this years Tourist industry, but I think you may have not put your finger on any solutions, sadly. Spanish tourists increasingly want all inclusive holidays, but as the Spanish economy is in such poor shape, that is not a growing market.

Earlier this year your paper identified that British and German tourists, the ones the island needs, felt the opposite.
Yet, the hotel industry's influence in the island predominates.
You claim British tourists have been attracted to staycations by Government adverts.
I have never seen any adverts. That is a nonsense. They are far more concerned with strikes, delays at airports in the UK and in Spain.
The fact the euro is weak is hardly material with increased airport taxes at both ends.
Equally, Spain has been badly represented with riots in Madrid and civilians being shot with rubber bullets for their pains. Hardly a relaxed holiday destination.

Majorca must define it's market sectors and how they should be attracted. Competition in the market is tough.
Amazingly, the short term letting market of rural holiday homes has been totally liberated earlier this year, without any protests or fuss, but no publicity! Why not do the same for Urban Holiday property?

It will cost nothing and attract a vast number of the type of tourists this island needs desperately.
The market has been virtually frozen this year, with even friends of owners being unable to rent apartments for their own families on their own complexes.

Surely this is madness as a policy?
Richard Taylor


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