by Jason Moore

The Spanish government appear s to be suffering from amnesia at the moment. They appear to forget that they are members of the European Union eventhough their banks have recently accepted a massive bailout from Brussels. I would say that the latest legislation which they plan to introduce regarding residence permits breaks every rule in the book including the free movement of labour across Europe. The new laws state that non-Spanish European Union citizens could have to show that they have the necessary funds to live in Spain before they are given a residence permit. Also, in some cases, more elderly Europeans could have to take out private medical insurance. It is clearly evident that Spain no longer wants non-Spanish European residents to be a drain on the state. Well, I am afraid to say that it is tough luck. Spain when it joined the European family agreed to abide by Union rules. One of the key laws states that Europeans can live and work in members states and they can´t be discriminated against. This latest legislation is a clear case of discrimination. You can´t turn fellow Europeans away at the border because some Spanish official has decided that they do not have the necessary funds to live in the country. Also, if elderly Europeans want to use National Health Hospitals in Spain they are certainly within their rights. So Spain should forget its latest legislation and look close at their European Union documentation.


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