Update your facts, Mr Fleming
In the weekend edition of the DB Ray Fleming trots out the old canard about the late Senator Joseph McCarthy accusing government officials recklessly of being communists. The left wing press, very often in the pay of the Soviet Union, created this image and turned it into a dogma. Poor Ray is mired in this cesspool of misinformation. The reality was that McCarthy was fed information garnered by various security agencies of the American government. Each and every accusation was based in solid facts.

The agencies wanted to keep their sources secure and used, with his assent, the Senator to make public their discoveries.
In the early 1990s the Venona project took advantage of the open archives of the Soviet spy apparatus and its own extensive archives.
What they revealed about the individuals McCarthy acused was: Guilty, Guilty, Guilty,... every damned one of the worthless, faithless traitors.
Ray, this is 2012. You cannot palm off communist propaganda from the 1950s as ‘facts' anymore.
Update your information. This has been a matter of public record since 1995. You have been suckered for 60 years. Time to grow up.
Ralph McGaughey
Island Falls, ME USA


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