It will never happen to me
We are just back after two weeks on the island and your paper we read most days. Last week you ran an article regarding holiday insurance or rather the number of visitors who do not take out cover. We have been back and forth for over 20 years now and five years this July we arrived as normal but within 24 hours I was rushed into a Palma clinic with chest pains. The bottom line was I had had a slight heart attack and needed treatment. After some 24 hours our insurance company (Insure & go) instructed the clinic to carry out whatever treatment was necessary as they had confirmed with my doctor back here in Wales that I had not been consulting him with any health problems. I was in hospital for 10 days, five days in intensive care and five days in a room with en suite and two beds with TV and telephone so my wife joined me and stayed in the same room. I had two stents fitted and then a doctor was sent over from England to check me over with the view to repatriate me and my wife. Once he had checked me over the doctor was happy for me to travel home which was 1st class with British Airways to Manchester and a private taxi to my door. On the way home I asked the doctor how much he estimated everything had cost and his reply was 45/50k and to finish off my wife was sent £200 for out of pocket expenses (telephone calls).

Two things that episode taught me was that was the best £79 I have ever spent in my life and always tell the truth on insurance application forms. Every year I go back to the bar where I was taken ill and have a drink but no cigar as that was a major contributor to my problem 10 cigars a day which in turn helped block up my arteries. It did happen to me and Insure & Go still insure us but at a slightly higher premium.

Regards, Austin Morgan
Holywell North Wales


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