by Humphrey Carter

I have in the past suggested that getting rid of regional autonomous governments and the island councils, two massive tiers of local governments, would save the country millions and now perhaps, we are seeing the beginning of the end of highly expensive local governments.

With Madrid, in order to ensure its cash hand outs from Europe having to agree to a long list of conditions, it is in short being put in direct control of Spain.

The regional bailout fund set up last week has been jumped on by three regions, the latest being Catalonia and now rumours are rife that the Balearics could be next.

And, what this quite simply means is that, once bailed out, the regions will become the direct responsibility of Madrid and will have to answer to Madrid.

Thus the bailouts will clip the wings of the regional governments and the longer Spain takes in sorting out its financial crisis, partly caused by the regional government's running up huge debts, the more powers they will lose.

Local councils are being slimmed down, as are the island councils here in the Balearics.
The Balearic government has been reshuffled again this week with the loss of more heads of departments and civil servants are worried about their futures.

It will be harsh for the latter, but losing all the politicians who have got us into this mess will upset no one, in fact, it may even give cause for a celebration.


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