by Humphrey Carter

Over the past month, there have been three cases of holiday makers being run down in Punta Ballena, the heart of Magalluf's nightlife which was recently described on prime time national TV news in Spain as “the most dangerous street in Spain.” Not quite the image all the private investors hoping to clean up Magalluf will want transmitting. But, sadly, it is inevitable.

Many business people in the area have called on the council to close Punta Ballena to traffic at night, but they have received little response, at least not publicly. And, as one reader wrote in a letter to the editor recently, Playa de Palma is no better and now it is Cala Rajada, a delightful port resort tucked up in the east of the island near Arta.

Resort tensions are running high, in Cala Rajada there are claims of the situation escalating out of control with excess drinking and vandalism ruining the resort.

I was in Cala Rajada myself in June and I can see where the local residents are coming from as we head into peak season.
I know local councils are more or less broke but they must get their ducks in order and set out their priorities and that surely involves being proactive as opposed to reactive.

Local Police need to be more prominent on the streets and black spots, such as Punta Ballena, closed to traffic to ensure the maximum safety of visitors to the island because they have every right to come here whether they want to party or not.

We can't just ignore them.


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