by Jason Moore

I S the UK Independence Party (UKIP) really a threat to the Conservative Party? Well the simple answer is no because UKIP is a one-ticket wonder, pull Britain out of Europe and then what? But I do think that Prime Minister David Cameron should give the British people the referendum on Europe that they have so long demanded. It is time for Britain to decide whether it wants to be a member of the European Union. David Cameron faces an almost impossible task trying to keep some of his eurosceptic MPs onside when he goes into bat for Britain in Europe. The fact that UKIP appears to have more support over recent months at the expense of the Liberal Democrats only makes the problem worse. If Britain has a referendum on Europe and the majority of people vote “Yes” to staying in Europe then it is the end of UKIP. But Britain does need to tackle the issue of Europe for once and for all. I personally believe that Britain should stay in the European Union, because there is no plan “B.” Britain can´t survive alone, whatever anyone says in UKIP. Britain needs the European Union. The problem is that the British media are becoming increasingly eurosceptic not helped by the euro-zone crisis. The euro is about as popular in Britain as Nick Clegg. I would urge David Cameron to embrace Europe but at the same time ensure that Britain´s interests are protected. France has done this for many years and no-one has ever questions whether France was eurosceptic.


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