May I first congratulate you and the Daily Bulletin on its 50th. Birthday. As one who moved to Majorca following a five year residence on Minorca, at the same time as your 25th. Anniversary, which was celebrated by the printing of a truly comprehensive magazine that contained, not only extracts from the previous 25 years' daily editions, but a grand historical and geographical record of the island. This magazine is still in my possession into which I dip occasionally and nostalgically, recalling a very different era.

However, it is still a pleasure to agree or otherwise, with comments from Ray Fleming, who I have clashed with over the years. Today though, maybe for the first time! I am in complete agreement, the gloom and doom forecasters regarding the Euro ,the bankruptcy of some countries, leading to the “Inevitable” collapse of the E.U. have been thoroughly disproved and silenced as even Ray Fleming finally acknowledges.

As you. Mr Moore, emphasised too, Spain's Tourism will help to propel its economy, any hindrance or negative comments must be swept away.
Let us have more up-beat Editorials, brighter columns, pointing out the glorious panoramic interior scenic delights as well as the heavenly weather we enjoy. I recently spent ten days in England, during which I saw the sun briefly for roughly FIVE MINUTES! Apart from that,it rained incessantly. I came back home to a sun-drenched Majorca that ,at the end of December! This is the sort of topic to promote winter tourism, a topic that almost sells the Island by itself.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all at the Daily Bulletin.
Yours Sincerely, Phil Green, El Toro.


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